sts. anne and joachim catholic church


Fr. Brian Bachmeier, pastor of Sts. Anne and Joachim, asked Steven Schloeder of LITURGICAL ENVIRONS to assist in the planning of their new 1200 seat, $8.5 million permanent church, which is the final phase of their impressive facility that already houses the social hall, administration, ministry and educational needs.

Steven Schloeder served as the Design Architect for the project, first working with the Building Committee and pastor to program the church, and then assisted in the selection process for the Architect of Record, the local firm of Zerr-Berg Architects.  Schloeder designed both the church and the liturgical furnishings, and worked with the Architect of Record in the implementation process, as well as with the vendors, liturgical artists and artisans to complete the project.

The community's "cultural memory" of Catholic architecture was formed by the robust neo-Gothic churches built throughout the upper midwest by the northern European immigrants from Germany and Scandinavia. The graceful forms, careful proportions, solid materiality, and artistic heritage of the Gothic style permeate the building, which creates a strong sign-value for the local community and achieves a warm, inviting and surprisingly intimate space for the parish to celebrate their life together in the Lord.

The completed church was dedicated on 11 February 2010 by The Most Reverend Samuel Aquila, Bishop of Fargo.


Fargo, North Dakota (2006 - 2010)  (visit)
in association with Zerr Berg Architects, Fargo ND

Acoustic design by Dennis Fleischer, Ph.D., of Musonics, Grand Rapids, MI